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Beyond Textbooks

This guide includes non-GPO resources useful to staff managing Federal depository operations and services.

Major textbooks focusing on U.S. Government structure, processes, and resources

Having a textbook or two nearby is always handy. Please note publication dates.

Abbott-Hoduski, Bernadine E., ed. Cataloging Government Documents: A Manual of Interpretation for AACR2. Chicago: American Library Association, 1984.

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& Business Research. 3rd ed. Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Service, 2002.

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Garvin, Peggy, ed. Government Information Management in the 21st Century: International Perspectives. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2011.

Guide to U.S. Government Publications. Farmington Hills, MI: Gale Research, Inc., 2019.

Herman, Edward. Locating United States Government Information: A Guide to Sources. 2nd ed. Buffalo, NY: W.S. Hein, 1999.

Hernon, Peter et al. United States Government Information: Policies and Sources. Westfield, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2002.

Latham, Bethany. Finding and Using U.S. Government Information: A Practical Guide for Librarians. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2018.

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Sinclair, Gwen. Government Information: A Reference for Librarians in Hawai‘i. ’Honolulu: Pressbooks, 2020. Retrieved from

Textbooks that include information about Federal information resources

Berring, Robert C. and Elizabeth Edinger. Finding the Law. !2th ed. St. Paul, Minnesota: West Academic Publishing, 2005.

Larsgaard, Mary Lynette. Map Librarianship: An Introduction. 3rd ed. Santa Barbara, CA: Libraries Unlimited, 1998.

Lopresti, Robert, "Chapter 07 - Government Sources" (2016). The Research Process: Strategies for Undergraduate Students. 7.

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