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Beyond Fun stuff

This guide includes non-GPO resources useful to staff managing Federal depository operations and services.

Test your knowledge

Go for a perfect score in all these quizzes and games.

Constitution Day Fun and Games (Arizona State University Library)

Government Information: Quiz (Western Washington University Libraries)

SuDocs Call Number Quiz (Michigan State University Libraries)

SuDocs Shelving Exercises (Michigan State University Libraries)

Cool publication title lists

A selection of some interesting titles or notable publications and examples of titles lists. 

A Selection of Documents from Government Publications at the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries (University of Washington)

Best.Titles.Ever. (Free Government Information)

Documents on Parade: Criminal Edition (Daniel Cornwall aka Alaskan Librarian)

Fifty Years of Gov Docs (Western Washington University Libraries)

New Arrivals (University of Central Oklahoma Chambers Library)

Weird and Wonderful Government Publications (ALA Government Documents Round Table)

What's in the Stacks? (University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Library Government Documents Collection)

Other cool stuff!

Resources in this section feature government information librarians.

Interview with a Librarian: Head of Government Information and Data Archives (University of Missouri Libraries) Along with Graduate Assistant Trevor Hook, "Graduate Reference Assistant Jefferson Hulbert interviews Ellis Library's government documents & data services librarian, Marie Concannon, about her popular Prices and Wages Guide, and why she thinks some viewers browse the guide because of nostalgia."

Oral Histories (ALA GODORT)  Features "oral histories with members of the government information community who have devoted much of their careers to the field. The goals are to provide a better understanding of the history of government information librarianship and GODORT as well as to gather information regarding the process and the progress of protecting free access to government-produced information."


Ben from Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government, in summer apparel and holding ice creamPrintable Materials/Handouts (ALA GODORT) currently features Ben, from Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government fame, in different costumes.

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