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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

FDLP Coordinator Calendar

Task of the Month

A New Year, A New Profile?

This could be a good month to take a look at your FDLP Item Selection Profile (ISP). Many depository libraries like to evaluate their item selection profile once a year to make sure it is current and the publications received are still relevant for their users. 

As a depository library, you can choose any of the item numbers available in the List of Classes. If you select an item number where the format listed is P, MF, DVD/CD, or if a particular format is not listed, you may receive a tangible publication in the mail. If you select an item number labeled EL, you will not receive anything but you can consult the New Electronic Titles list to see what publications with that item number are cataloged each month and copy catalog them or insert PURLs from the publications that are useful to you into your websites and guides.

  • To see everything you could select, browse the Modified List of Classes.
  • To see what you are currently selecting, use Item Lister.
  • To make changes to your selection profile, use DSIMS.
  • If you are confused about your profile, contact the Federal Depository Support Services at askGPO.

FDLP Tips of the Month

  • Have you looked at the New Titles in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP) recently?
  • Also, remember that is your site for everything related to the Federal Depository Library Program.

Reference Resource of the Month

Climate Data Online

Need to know what the weather was on the day you were born or another significant day?  This resource from the National Centers for Environmental Information provides free access to an extensive archive of historical weather and climate data. For example, on February 11, 1986 (the day of Public Law 99-244, creating National Black (Afro-American) History Month) it was snowing in various places in the U.S. 

Snowfall map

Trivia / Social Media Suggestions

Date Event
January 3, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation was issued.
January 22, 1975 Landsat 2 launched.
January 25, 1860 Birthday of Charles Curtis, the first Native American U.S. Congressional Representative, U.S. Senator and U.S. Vice President.
January 28, 1986 Challenger STS 51-L (Space Shuttle) disaster occurred.

Executive Department of the Month

U.S. Department of Commerce (Commerce)
Main Website
Mission "To create the conditions for economic growth and opportunity for all communities."
Established 1903 (as the U.S. Department of Commerce and Labor, and later renamed the Department of Commerce in 1913)
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo
Additional Commerce Resources
For More Information FDLP Resource Guide, Census Data, which provides an overview about the types of census data.

Weddell Seals hauled out on the ice getting ready to give birth

Weddell Seals hauled out on the ice getting ready to give birth in Antarctica in November of 1978 (Image source: Commander John Bortniak/NOAA Corps)

Federal Holidays in January

^For Federal employees, "When a holiday falls on a nonworkday—Saturday or Sunday—the holiday usually is observed on Monday (if the holiday falls on Sunday) or Friday (if the holiday falls on Saturday)"