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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

FDLP Content

Depository Library Selections of Item Numbers

Number of Federal depository library selections of item numbers

Shows the total number of Federal depository library selectors of currently available item numbers, as of March 1, 2024. The specific number of selections will change as GPO makes item number changes and as depositories modify their item number selections, but the overall count may serve as a helpful reference.

GPO Resources

Take advantage of some or all of these GPO resources and services in support of your depository's collection development of FDLP content, as well as staff education and promotion of Federal information. 

Resource Information
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications FDLP Login Page

A customized interface only available to the FDLP community, it provides you access to special features of the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP), including:

  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) - Set up alerts about recently added or updated catalog records in your areas of interest.
  • Item Number displays in the Brief Results list and in the Dynamic New Titles Searches - Focus on item numbers as the Item number has replaced the Author in the Brief Results list and in the dynamic New Titles Searches.
  • My BookShelf - Folder Management (EShelf) -Create you own set of records and save them in My Bookshelf, within multiple folders as useful.

For more information, see "FDLP Login Page FAQ: A Service of the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications".

See also other features of the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.

FDLP Academy

View programs by various Federal agency presenters to learn more about their agency's or interagency resources. Also view programs by depository librarians and others about Federal agency content.

Search within or:

  • To identify webinars presented by Federal agency personnel in the FDLP Academy Training Repository, browse the Agency Tags on the right column on the page to navigate to programs of interest. 
  • To identify the most recent conference proceedings, see the Federal Depository Library Conference Proceedings.
  • To identify upcoming programs, see the FDLP Academy Events Calendar.
FDLP eXchange

A resource used more commonly for Federal depository "offers" of depository publications being withdrawn, the eXchange may also be used for acquiring needed resources, or "needs". 

Any Federal depository may enter needed publications. Tips:

  • If you wish to acquire more than one copy of a publication, enter the information for each needed copy separately in different entries.
  • Provide a complete SuDocs classification number wherever possible since the system matches other library offers with the SuDocs number. Featured Content and Historic Publications  The home page is highlighting all types of FDLP content, as well as library and other news.  Come back regularly to see what is featured. Each quarter, GPO features a group of interesting historic publications that can be accessed via the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications and GovInfo. Many of these publications are included in GPO Staff Picks.
Government Book Talk

Government Book Talk is a popular blog, "the goal of which is to raise the profile of some of the best publications from the Federal Government, past and present.  We’ll be reviewing new and popular publications, providing information about new publications in the offing, and talking about some out-of-print classics. The goal is to spotlight the amazing variety of Government publications and their impact on ourselves and our world – and have fun while doing it." (

If you haven't signed up yet for Government Book Talk, do so today.  You don't want to miss a blog post about something important in the news or a popular seasonal activity. There is a whole lot of variety in this blog.

You may also browse and search recent posts from the Government Book Talk page. Many online publications featured in the blog are  included in GPO Staff Picks.

GovInfo Featured Content

GovInfo Featured Content is a " series of articles that aims to highlight content available in GovInfo related to various national observances, commemorations, anniversaries and more." (included at the end of each article)

The articles typically focus on content within publications rather than entire publications.  For example, an article may address specific remarks by a President within the Public Papers of the Presidents, which is just one section within the entire volume of the publication. Another may recognize a significant anniversary of a Federal agency and provide information about current celebrations and resources by and about the agency in GovInfo.

Although the articles don't always provide information about complete publications, many online publications that have been featured in GovInfo Featured Content are included in GPO Staff Picks.

Like Government Book Talk, these articles can give you an idea about the use, usefulness, and timeliness of particular Federal resources.  In fact, if you wish to test this, see the article entitled "Government Publications Trivia."

Operated by GPO's Pueblo Distribution Center, this website is designed for consumers to find and order pamphlet and other publications on a variety of topics from the Federal government. Much of the content is available online, but some is still available to order in print.

This new website replaces and the long-standing Consumer Information Catalog. The Pueblo Distribution Center has been a trusted one-stop source for answers to questions about consumer problems and government services for over 40 years.

If your library is interested in consumer related topics, including consumer protection, education, employment, family, food, health, history, housing, money, and travel, this is an important resource.  As with any print these days, please note that some available print editions may be superseded by newer editions online.

U.S. Government Bookstore

GPO's online bookstore will provide you additional content that you didn't select through the FDLP or additional copies for other locations or libraries in your network.  It's also another source for learning more about major publications and current releases, highlighted with thumbnails of book covers.

You can browse many major titles by Topic, Agency, and Collections. Collections are New Releases, Best Sellers, News and Features, eBooks, Data Products, CFR (yes, administrative law is that popular), Subscriptions and Magazines, Flyers and Catalogs, and Sale and Clearance. 

You can also sign up to see New Titles by Topic through email or social media to be alerted to new publications.