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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

Elections and Voting Rights


Many libraries and related organizations have online guides about Federal elections and voting rights. The featured libraries are part of the Federal Depository Library Program, and they are known as Federal Depository Libraries (FDLs). Check out these community guides for more information, including voter registration, campaign finance, the Electoral College, Super PACs, and more.

Community Guides

Screenshot of "Elections and Voting Data Guide: United State (U.S.) and International" guide

Elections and Voting Data Guide: United States (U.S.) and International

Princeton University Library (FDL #0370) 

  • Looking at a variety of resources, Princeton University Library's guide compares election and voting practices in all countries, including the United States.
  • Guide's Subjects: American Politics, International Relations/Comparative Politics, Politics

Screenshot of "Elections and Voting in the United States" guide

Elections and Voting in the United States

Rutgers University Library (FDL #0364) 

  • Learn how to find information on state and Federal elections and voting rights.
  • Guide's Subjects: Government, Government Resources, History, History- North America, Political Science, Political_Science

Screenshot of "Elections and Voting: Voting in America" guide

Elections and Voting: Voting in America

South Dakota State University Library (FDL #0571) 

  • This online guide provides an overview on Federal elections, how to evaluate fake news about election information, voter polling, and more.
  • Guide's Subjects: Subjects: Campaigns, Elections, Government, Government Information, Politics, Voting

Screenshot of "Gov Docs: United States Elections" guide

Gov Docs: United States Elections

University of South Alabama Library (FDL #0007B) 

  • The University of South Alabama Library's guide focuses on a variety of voting and election topics, including campaign finance, electoral college, and super PACs.
  • Guide's Subjects: Campaign Finance, Candidates, Congressional Elections, Election, Electoral College, Political Parties, President, Presidential History, Super PAC, Vote, Voter Registration, Voting 

Screenshot of "U.S. Elections & Political Behavior" guide

U.S. Elections & Political Behavior

William & Mary Libraries (FDL #0631) 

  • Check out this online guide on statistical data and analyses about voter turnout and results for Federal, state, and local primary and general elections. 
  • Guide's Subjects: Government & Public Policy
Screenshot of "Voting & Elections" guide

Voting & Elections

Lone Star College - North Harris Library (FDL #0592B) 

  • This online guide provides an overview on local, Texan, and Federal elections and voting.
  • Guide's Subjects: FDLP, Federal Elections, Gov Docs, Government Information, Local Elections, Texas State Elections
Screenshot of Government Documents Round Table (GODORT)'s "Voting & Elections Toolkit" guide

Voting & Elections Toolkit

Government Documents Round Table (GODORT) 

  • GODORT is a round table of the American Library Association. This state-by-state elections guide provides librarians with resources to help their patrons understand voting requirements and exercise their voting rights.
  • Guide's Subjects: Advocacy, Toolkits, Voting

Federal Depository Library Directory (FDLD)

The Federal Depository Library Program distributes Government information free of cost to libraries that participate in the program. These libraries have information specialists who can assist your research needs. To find your nearest depository, check out the FDLD

Screenshot of the FDLD map

Disclaimer about Community Guides

Visiting a community guide will direct you to other websites, which may have different privacy policies than the U.S. Government Publishing Office. Also, community guides may feature resources that are not U.S. Government publications or sources, which may not be freely available. Contact the community guide's owner for additional information or assistance.