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Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

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About the FDLP Basic Collection

Every depository library is required to have the titles in the FDLP Basic Collection (Basic Collection) accessible for immediate use by library users. How you accomplish this is a local decision. Provide access to the Basic Collection by one or a combination of the following:

  • Catalog each title in your local catalog, including active hyperlinks in the bibliographic record.

  • Catalog the Basic Collection using a collection level record and include an active hyperlink.

  • Catalog the Basic Collection in a shared or consortial catalog where the default option is to search records of all libraries.

  • Link to all the titles in the Basic Collection from your library’s website.

  • Purchase and make available commercial equivalents (tangible or electronic) of the Basic Collection titles.

  • Incorporate Basic Collection titles into topical bibliographies or guides.

  • Acquire the print format, if desired, by selecting corresponding item numbers.  Catalog the receipts.

Additional information

  • Many catalog records include more than one PURL.  The links from this guide connect to the most current content. Review each catalog record for additional links.

  • Please note that selective Federal depository libraries are not required to select any of these titles in tangible format.

  • You do not need to use the name "FDLP Basic Collection" when referencing the collection. If you find that your library users would make better sense of another name, such as "Core FDLP Resources", for example, please describe the titles in a way that makes the most sense for your community.

  • FDLP Basic Collection Resource Guide oriented for general public use

    • This guide is intended for general public access since it includes publication titles and descriptions but not item, class, or catalog record numbers.

  • FDLP Basic Collection on


The list of titles constituting the FDLP Basic Collection was originally developed in 1977 to identify the most basic Federal documents for inclusion in all Federal depository collections. The list has been periodically updated since then, as library user needs and agency publication practices have changed. 

  • Depository shipments of the print daily Congressional Record and Federal Register were discontinued. See Progress Update on Print Reduction for a Digital FDLP (1/31/24):

    • References to print item numbers have been removed from the FDLP Basic Collection list of item numbers available for selection.

    • Libraries holding Basic Collection titles in print or microfiche may continue to use these formats to meet the access requirement to the titles. As such, the catalog search and OCLC numbers for records describing the physical formats remain available.

  • With the discontinuation of microfiche distribution in the FDLP (last updated 2/6/23):

    • References to microfiche item numbers have been removed from lists of item numbers available for selection.

    • Libraries holding Basic Collection titles in microfiche may continue to use this format to meet the access requirement to the titles. As such, the catalog search and OCLC numbers for records describing microfiche remain available.

  • On 1/18/23, GPO shared information about the cessation of the Public Papers of the Presidents. Although the title is no longer being published, the title remains on the FDLP Basic Collection list. It was among the most selected resources when it was published and remains a valuable resource.

  • On 1/25/22, each title in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) was broken into separate item numbers. This change only applied to the paper format. Libraries that selected item number 0572-B were mapped to select 0572-D-01 through 0572-D-34 and 0572-D-36 to 0572-D-50. Each title of the CFR is cataloged individually and includes its unique item number, 0572-D-##. See Paper Items for CFR Titles.

  • On 8/1/19, the list was updated with two additions: and

  • On 7/2/19, the list was updated to reflect a change at the Census Bureau. American Factfinder was removed from the list.  Explore Census Data, also known as, was added to the list.