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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

FDLP Succession Planning

What to Include

Information on FDLP-related accounts for your Library
  • Visit Passwords and Accounts Used by Depository Libraries, which has a listing of all FDLP-related accounts for FDL staff. It includes information for
    • askGPO Account
    • FDLP eXchange
    • FDLP Password
    • FDLP PURL Usage Report
    • Foreign Trade
    • Homeland Security Digital Library
    • Z39.50
Your Library's Policies that Impact FDLP Operations
  • Have information on
    • Public Access
    • Computer Access
    • Reference Services
    • Collection Development
    • Processing Policy Document (if you have one)
    • Cataloging 
    • Collection and Usage Statistics
What You Update Online about your FDL
  • Include all library websites, research guides, and social media
FDL Directory for Networking with Depository Coordinators
  • Provide the link information 
  • List of local libraries and all FDLs in your state
Related FDL Activities
  • Note any depository programs, events, bibliographic instruction, and promotion responsibilities
  • List professional development opportunities, such as ALA, state, regional, and local associations
A Reflection
  • Record positive experiences and issues of concern while serving as your library's depository coordinator
Day-One Steps
  • Provide recommended instructions for your library's new depository coordinator on their first day

Organizing the Information

Create an electronic file of documents and store it where you successor can access after you leave. We recommend the following organization of the documents, if applicable:

Designation Documents* Library Visits by GPO* Succession Plan for your Library
Biennial Surveys* Partnership Agreements* Training Materials for Library Staff that Handle FDLP Operations
Assessments* Relevant Correspondence with GPO* Additional Information that is Helpful for Depository Coordinators^

*GPO can provide these documents if they are not found at your library. Contact the Federal Depository Support Services at askGPO.

^For example, a copy of the Legal Requirements & Program Regulations, websites with useful Government information, and contact information of FDL coordinators you were in regular correspondence, including your regional, if applicable.

Last Steps

Before you leave, 

  • Store succession documentation where it can easily be found
  • Make sure as least one colleague will have access to the succession plan 
  • Assign or train someone to process materials and to provide depository support, is possible
  • Obtain administration's approval of the succession plan
  • Ensure supervisors are aware of the succession plan and have access to it
  • Write a welcome letter for the new coordinator to share information, words of encouragement, and any tips which might help the transition
  • Consider leaving your contact information for your successor and any other information which might be helpful