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LSCM Library Technical Services Information Portal: Cataloging/Metadata Initiatives

Provides lists of resources about cataloging government publications, information on the work and initiatives of Library Technical Services, and data about CGP records.


Library Technical Services is engaged in numerous initiatives. We provide brief descriptions of several major undertakings and will occasionally update the descriptions and include new projects. For information about the various opportunities to collaborate with GPO, please visit the Partnerships page on

Congressional Research Service Reports

Description: In September 2018, the Library of Congress began releasing Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports to the public at The GPO catalogs individual reports in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (CGP). The PURLS in the GPO records link directly to the CRS site. As these reports are updated frequently, the GPO has cataloged each report as an integrating resource.

Timeframe: 2018- | Scope: approximately 10,000 publications | Status: December 2022, 8,306 records | CGP search: wlts=CRSREP

News alerts:

FDLP Academy:

The Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER)

Description: GPO catalogs content in the Federal Reserve Archival System for Economic Research (FRASER) service that is in scope of the FDLP.

Timeframe: 2013- | Status: December 2022, 2,009 records | CGP search: wcat= FRASER

Historic Shelflist Project

Description: The GPO began a new contract in October of 2021 to catalog the approximately 66,000 to 88,000 remaining cards into MARC 21 records.

Timeframe: 2021- | CGP search page: Historic Shelflist catalog | project page: GPO Historic Shelflist

Law Library of Congress Digital Reports Project

Description: The Law Library of Congress and GPO are collaborating on a multi-year project to catalog thousands of digitized and born-digital historical legal reports. The Law Library of Congress is digitizing the reports, and LTS is cataloging the reports in OCLC and the CGP.

Timeframe: 2019- | Scope: 5,000 publicationsStatus: December 2022, 2,758 recordsCGP search: wlts=LCLAWLIB

Law Library of Congress collection: Legal Reports (Publications of the Law Library of Congress)

News alert: The Law Library of Congress and GPO Collaborate on Cataloging Historical Legal Documents

Webinar: Digital Collections at the Law Library of Congress: Past, Present, and Future

U.S. Congressional Serial Set Project

Description: The Law Library of Congress and GPO are partnering on a decade-long effort to digitize and make accessible volumes of the U.S. Congressional Serial Set back to the first volume, which was published in 1817. The project encompasses more than 15,000 volumes and 9.4 million pages of House and Senate documents and reports of various types and executive department publications, such as annual reports.

Timeframe: 2019- | Scope: 350,000 publicationsStatus: August 2022, 13,815 records | CGP search: wlts=SERIALSET?

GovInfo collection: Congressional Serial Set

News alerts:

Webinar: U.S. Congressional Set Collection Debuting on GovInfo

University of Minnesota Libraries Cataloging and Metadata Contributor Partnership

Description: The University of Minnesota (UMN) Libraries and LTS are working together to catalog publications of several ceased U.S. Federal Government agencies: Office of Education, Department of the Interior (SuDoc class I 16), Department of the Navy (SuDoc class N), War Department (SuDoc class W). The UMN Libraries staff scan the title pages of the publications and provide metadata elements and distribution information to LTS, and LTS staff members create new records or adapt existing records in OCLC and the CGP. 

Timeframe: 2019- | Scope: 1,000 publications | Status: December 2022, 628 records | CGP search: wlts=MINN?

News alert: GPO/University of Minnesota Libraries Cataloging and Metadata Contributor Partnership: New Records Added to CGP

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