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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

U.S. Department of the Treasury


Many libraries and related organizations have online guides about the Treasury. The featured libraries are part of the Federal Depository Library Program, and they are known as Federal Depository Libraries (FDLs). Community guide topics include statistics on Treasury data, information about tax forms, how to start a food-and-beverage business, and more.

Featured Community Guides

Featured Community Guides about the Treasury, including its Bureaus
Screenshot of "Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: T - Department of Treasury"

Browse Federal Documents by Call Number: T - Department of Treasury

University of California San Diego Library (FDL #0066B)

  • Check out a listing of past and current entities under the Treasury as organized under the Superintendent of Documents classification system. Some of the past bureaus and offices include the Bureau of Statistics, Bureau of Narcotics, and the Lighthouse Board.
Screenshot of "Federal Data: Treasury"

Federal Data: Treasury

Florida State University Libraries (FDL #0109) 

  • Managed by Priscilla Hunt, this guide provides information on key resources and historical publications by the Treasury.
  • Guide's Subjects: Agriculture, Commerce, Data, Defense, Energy, Environmental Protection, Federal, Government Documents, Government Information, Health, Homeland Security, Housing, Interior, Justice, Labor, SBA, Social Security, Statistics, Transportation, Treasury, Urban and Regional Planning, Urban Development, Veterans
Screenshot of "Government Documents - Department of the Treasury: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau"

Government Documents - Department of the Treasury: Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library (FDL #0129)

  • Learn more about the TTB, including its history and some of its publications.
  • Guide's Subjects: Coinage, Currency, Government Documents, Government Finance, Public Debts, Savings Bonds, Treasury
Screenshot of "Government Documents: Treasury"

Government Documents: Treasury

Youngstown State University Library (FDL #0482A)

  • This guide provides a comprehensive list of the Treasury's bureaus, offices, policy issues, data, services, news, and more.
  • Guide's Subjects: Environmental Sciences, Federal, General Reference, Geography, Geological Sciences, Government, Government Information, Law, State of Ohio, Statistics, Williamson College of Business Administration
Screenshot of "U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Annual Reports, Treasury Department (T 1.1:)"

U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Annual Reports, Treasury Department (T 1.1:)

The College of Wooster Libraries (FDL #0479A)

  • Created by Jennifer McMullen and maintained by Mark Gooch, check out the finding list pertaining to Serial Set volumes of the Treasury's Annual Reports from 1817 onwards.
  • Guide's Subject: Government Information
Screenshot of "U.S. Federal Administrative Regulations, Policy, and Decisions"

U.S. Federal Administrative Regulations, Policy, and Decisions

Georgetown University Library (FDL #0100A)

  • Explore more about the Treasury, including its regulations, decisions, and memoranda.
Featured Community Guides on Treasury Resources
Screenshot of "Federal Taxes"

Federal Taxes

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Library (FDL #0141) 

  • Though primarily for students, find common Federal and Illinois tax forms for filing.
  • Guide's Subjects: Federal, Government Information, State Taxes, Tax Resources, Taxes
Screenshot of "Gov Docs: Tax Information & Resources: Miscellaneous"

Gov Docs: Tax Information & Resources: Miscellaneous

University of South Alabama Library (FDL #0007B)

  • Explore online resources on tax-related information, including the Taxes Resource Center, Tax History Project, Federal Excise Tax Rates, and more.
  • Guide's Subjects: Government Documents, Internal Revenue Service, IRS, Law and Government, Subject Guides, Tax Forms, Tax Information
Screenshot of "Government (Federal Agencies): Treasury"

Government (Federal Agencies): Treasury

New Mexico State University Library (FDL #0382) 

  • Check out some online resources from the Department, from mortgage counseling to interest rate statistics.
  • Guide's Subject: Government
Screenshot of "Tax Forms and Instructions"

Tax Forms and Instructions

University of Colorado Boulder Libraries (FDL #0069)

  • This online guides provides an overview on main IRS forms for Federal and Colorado filings.
Screenshot of "Income Tax Information"


Rice University Fondren Library | Kelley Center (FDL #0608C)

  • For college students filing taxes, this guide offers helpful information on relevant IRS forms and resources.
Screenshot of "Treasury Data Resources"

Treasury Data Resources

West Virginia University Libraries (FDL #0653)

  • Learn about some key resources from the Department, including USASpending, Fiscal Data, and more.
  • Guide's Subjects: Government Information, Political Science, Public Administration
Screenshot of "U.S. Government Documents: Taxes"

U.S. Government Documents: Taxes

Norwich University Library (FDL #0627A)

  • From free tax assistance resources to Federal and Vermont tax information, learn more about how to file income taxes.
  • Guide's Subject: Government Information
Featured Community Guides Related Subjects to the Treasury
Screenshot of "Federal Government Resources: Business"

Federal Government Resources: Business

Colorado College Library (FDL #0070)

  • This guide provides information on Federal resources pertaining to business, including banking and economic statistics.
  • Guide's Subjects: Gen, General Guide, Government, Political Science, Subject Guides
Screenshot of "U.S. Civil War in Government Documents: Executive Agency Docs"

U.S. Civil War in Government Documents: Executive Agency Docs

University of Missouri Libraries (FDL #0321) 

  • Discover the Federal entities that were operating during the 1860s, including the Treasury, the U.S. Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, GPO, and more.
  • Guide's Subjects: Civil War, Government Documents, Government Information, History, History & Archaeology, United States

Federal Depository Library Directory (FDLD)

The Federal Depository Library Program distributes Government information free of cost to libraries that participate in the program. These libraries have information specialists who can assist your research needs. To find your nearest depository, check out the FDLD

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Disclaimer about Community Guides

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