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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

GPO Digitization


GPO is actively digitizing content, with an immediate focus on adding historical, retrospective content to existing GovInfo collections. GPO may accept materials from depository libraries for digitization. 

If your depository is weeding any of the titles listed here, and volumes are not claimed within your region, please contact us via askGPO, using the category Other depository library question or issue. If any of the materials meet our digitization needs, GPO will cover the cost of shipping the material to GPO.

GPO's needs are also listed in FDLP eXchange, and will automatically match to any depositories that are offering nationally.

GPO Needs Lists as of 7/15/2024

GPO Needs (Spreadsheet) SuDoc Publication Dates
Semiannual Report of the Secretary of Defense / Annual Report of the Department of Defense

D 1.1:

Word Division : Supplement to Government Printing Office Style Manual

GP 1.2:W 89/3/ and GP 1.23/4:ST 9/SUPP.

Depository Invoices

GP 3.16:

1914-1921 (select issues)

Daily Depository Shipping Lists

GP 3.16/3:

1951-1973 (No. 1-7181)
Depository Shipping Lists

GP 3.16/3:



  • Print: 1994-1-P to 1994-307-P


  • Print: 1995-1-P to 1995-329-P
  • Separates: 1995-1-S to 1995-66-S
  • Electronic: 1995-1-E to 1995-40-E


  • Print: 1996-1-P to 1996-378-P
  • Separates: 1996-1-S to 1996-80-S
  • Electronic: 1996-1-E to 1996-69-E
Annual Reports of the Department of the Interior

I 1.1:925

Annual Report of the Attorney General of the United States J 1.1: 1942-1948, 1950-1952, 1962, 1981
U.S. Congressional Serial Set Y 1.1/2: 16th Congress, 1st session-95th Congress, 2nd session (select volumes)
Congressional Reports Y 1.1/8: Various
Congressional Hearings and Prints Y 4. Various
Congressional Directory Y 4.P 93/1:1/ 1809-1903 (select issues)

Preferred Condition

GPO prefers to acquire materials in Fine or Good condition for digitization. Materials in Fair condition will be considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the extent and location of wear and/or damage.

Condition Definition
Fine The publication looks new. The binding is tight without any sign of wear. The pages show no sign of tears, dirt, mold or marking of any kind. All maps and foldouts are present without any tears. Supplementary material is present, without any sign of wear and housed in the original pockets or enclosures.
Good The publication shows signs of use. The binding may show signs of wear to cover boards, hinges, and spine, but all pages are tightly bound. Binding boards and pages may show signs of having been bumped and bent at the edges (dog eared), but no other damage is present. Maps and foldouts may show wear at the folds, but all information is clearly legible. All supplementary material is present, but has clearly been used and may have been misfolded when returned to the pockets or enclosures.
Fair The publication shows signs of heavy use. Cover boards and spine may be loose, but are still attached. End pages may be loose or missing. The binding boards and mages may be scuffed or show signs of dirt, foxing, or other markings. The spine may be pulled away from the text block at the top. Pages, maps and foldouts may be torn, but all information is still present.
Poor The binding shows signs of severe wear, such as loose or missing cover boards or missing spine piece. End papers may be loose or missing. The text block is loose within the cover boards. The binding has failed resulting in loose or missing pages. Pages are torn. Pages are brittle and cannot maintain an attachment within the binding. Maps, foldouts, and supplementary material may be torn or missing.