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U.S. Department of the Treasury


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Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

Search U.S. Government Publishing Office’s Catalog of U.S. Government Publications for catalog records. Many records link to the full text.

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The U.S. Department of the Treasury (Treasury) is under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government. It is one of fifteen executive departments. This guide provides librarians and the general public an overview about the Treasury, including its bureaus, highlighted publications, and featured online information. Click on the tabs above to navigate the pages of this guide.

Portrait of Alexander Hamilton, First Secretary of the Treasurer (1789–1795)

Portrait of Alexander Hamilton, First Secretary of the Treasury (1789–1795). (Source: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; gift of Henry Cabot Lodge)

Quick Facts about the Treasury

Seal of the U.S. Department of the Treasury

Mission: "To maintain a strong economy by promoting conditions that enable equitable and sustainable economic growth at home and abroad, combating threats to, and protecting the integrity of the financial system, and managing the U.S. government's finances and resources effectively."

Established: 1789

Secretary: Janet Yellen

Strategic Plan: See the current FY2022-2026 Strategic Plan and previous plans

Employees: Over 100,000

Treasury Resources and Information

Resource Information
Main Website Visit the official website of the Treasury.
Organizational Chart Learn about the hierarchy of the Treasury.
Press Releases Read the latest press releases from the Treasury.
Featured Stories See stories on featured topics concerning the Treasury.
Statements & Remarks Hear the latest comments about the Treasury's news and events.
Treasury Library
  • Main Page
    • Check out the library for more information about the Treasury's resources and publications.
  • Research Guides 
    • Discover fascinating histories of the Treasury.
Historic Publications
Orders and Directives View the Treasury's "primary management documents" that "establish policy and assign responsibility to Secretarial Offices."
Tax Policy Explore the regulations and rulings to administer the Internal Revenue Code.
Interest Rate Statistics Find out the latest statistics, including the daily treasury par yield curve rates, daily treasury bill rates, and daily treasury real long-term rate averages.
Treasury Coupon Issues and Corporate Bond Yield Curves Access information about the coupon issues and the yield curves.
U.S. Treasury Fiscal Data Examine financial information, from the national debt to the national deficit.