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Natural Disasters: Tsunamis

Government resources for preparedness and response.

Prepare for Tsunamis

Tsunami Safety

Tsunamis are deadly: Coastal areas are at risk. Tsunamis can rapidly flood the land and cause great destruction. Strong currents can drown swimmers and destroy boats in harbors.

Tsunami Safety

Image source: NWS

Digital Resources in the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications

NOAA Knows Tsunamis
   CGP System Number: 1031614

Surviving a Tsunami: Lessons from Chile, Hawaii, and Japan
   CGP System Number: 1018934
   Spanish CGP System Number: 617564 

Tsunami: Awareness & Safety
   CGP System Number: 1032753 

Tsunami Safety: For You and Your Family
   CGP System Number: 1032764  

Tsunami Zone: In Case of Tsunami, Evacuate Coastal Areas
   CGP System Number: 683568
   Samoan CGP System Number: 1031630

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