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Information for New Depository Coordinators: Passwords & Accounts

This Guide is designed to answer any questions that a new depository coordinator may have.

Passwords & Accounts

FDLP Account Management

There are several accounts associated with managing a Federal depository library operation. Some of these tools create individual accounts that you customize, and some of these tools operate off of an account associated with your library. Accounts include:

Account Type of Account Password to use
Agency subscription databases (currently limited to Homeland Security Digital Library) Library account Library must fill out a form for each database account.
askGPO Individual account(s) Self-created password
CGP Z39.50 gateway Library account Password may be found in the FDL Directory
Depository Selection Information Management System (DSIMS) Library account FDLP library number and password. Contact GPO if the email address listed as a point of contact needs to be updated.
FDL Directory Library account FDLP library number and password
FDLP eXchange Individual account(s) Customized by the users. Notify GPO of any changes in accounts needed at your library.
FDLP PURL Usage Report Library account FDLP library number and password. Notify GPO of any changes made to the report’s point of contact at your library. Library account FDLP library number and password

Important note for new FDL Coordinators:

Changing the name of the Depository Coordinator in the FDL Directory does not automatically update all FDLP accounts. Several of the above referenced tools require that you contact GPO to update names and email addresses associated with the account. For example, if you are a new depository coordinator, you may want to have your name on the FDLP PURL Usage report so that you get email notifications when reports are available for download. Also, you may want to make changes to the administrator account of your library’s FDLP eXchange account.  In both of these cases, you need to contact GPO to make these changes. For more information about passwords, please see Passwords and Accounts Used by Depository Libraries. For information about the tools, please consult Instruction articles on

If you are the new depository coordinator and the previous coordinator did not already update the FDL Directory to show your information, you will need to contact GPO (send an email to [email protected]) to ask us to update the Directory for you. That will trigger an email giving you a login for askGPO, and you will then be able to edit the Directory yourself.

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