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FDLP Resource Guides
Beginning summer 2023, we are updating our guides. You may notice changes to the look and feel of our existing guides. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact askGPO.

FDLP Coordinator Calendar: March

Suggested tasks, tips, training, and other resources for busy depository coordinators.

FDLP Tip of the Month

Pretend you are a member of the public looking at your website - would you know that the library is the FDLP and has government information available?

Promotional ideas and materials are available on, including the sticker you should have on or near your entrance indicating that you are a depository library.

Reference Resource of the Month

HUD-eGIS Storefront

Access HUD's geospatial datasets and APIs. Find content like the Location Affordability Index, School Proficiency Index, Low Transportation Cost Index, and more.

Image of the Month

Johnson boyhood home

President Lyndon Johnson's boyhood home in Johnson City, Texas. Image from the Library of Congress.

Task of the Month

Processing Manual

When depository shipments arrive at your library, who opens the box and how do they process the materials?  Maybe it's you, maybe it's a cataloger, maybe it's a student worker - but whoever it is, they should be following established procedures and those procedures should be written down.  And if the person who processes is on extended vacation, who picks up the job?

If you haven't already got one, it's a great idea to have a processing manual. If you have already got one, when was the last time it was updated?  Now is a good time to tackle this task.

Don't forget to ask your regional and the other depositories in your state/region if you feel stuck or aren't sure where to start!

Agency of the Month

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)  HUD seal

Established in 1965. HUD's six core functions are listed in the U.S. Government Manual:

  • insuring mortgages for single-family and multifamily dwellings and extending loans for home improvement and for the purchasing of mobile homes
  • Channeling funds from investors to the mortgage industry through the Government National Mortgage Association - Ginnie Mae
  • Making direct loans for construction or rehabilitation of housing projects that benefit the elderly and handicapped
  • Providing Federal housing subsidies for low- and moderate-income families
  • Giving community development grants to States and communities
  • Promoting and enforcing fair housing and equal housing opportunity

HUD Social Media Directory - links to all of HUD's official social media platforms.

State Information

HUD Handbooks, Forms, and Publications

HUD Video: Celebrating 50 Years of Creating Opportunity

Trivia / Social Media Suggestions

March 3, 1847: Congress authorized United States postage stamps (previously the recipient paid for the mail). The first general issue postage stamps were sold in New York City on July 1, 1847 and cost five or ten cents.

March 4, 1861: GPO opened 

March 4, 1873: First issue of the Congressional Record

March 4, 1917: Jeannette Rankin (Montana) became the first woman to serve as a Member of Congress

March 4, 1933: President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office. Read his famous inaugural address ("the only thing we have to fear...").


Holidays, Special Days, and Observances

HUD Research Feed

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