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Government Resources for Art, Architecture, and Engineering: Art

A guide to government agencies and websites with connections to art, architecture, and engineering.

Agency Image Galleries and Photo Libraries

Many government agencies have online libraries of digitized images and artwork from their collections.  Many of the images are in the public domain and not under copyright.  Only a few of them are listed here, keep searching for more!

Library of Congress Prints & Photographs

NASA Image Gallery

USGS Multimedia Gallery

Health & Human Services Image Galleries

USDA Plants Image Gallery

U.S. Government Photostreams on Flickr

NOAA Photo Library

Art Galleries and Programs

FDLP LibGuides


Images from government agency collections


              "Jupiter's Bands of Clouds"                                        "General Store and Post Office" by Doris Lee                                                                         "Sea turtle"

              NASA Image Gallery                                                  U.S. General Services Administration                                                                                      Thierry Work, USGS

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